The Real Reason You Don’t Reach Your Goals

There is a common term in the world of health and fitness which is, “all programs fail due to compliance.” 

Meaning, you could give someone the best program in the world, but if they don’t do it, it is 100% guaranteed to fail.

It was this conundrum that led me to create my programs.  People declare that they want one thing, but then their behaviour is completely contradictory. 
It became obvious to me there were subconscious motivations dictating their behavior.  

I’m going to give you the first step in freeing yourself from these hidden drives that subvert you from your goal. 

For everyone there is a moment they rationalize themselves out of what they need to do, through what I call their “reasons and justifications,” or in other words their specific and unique excuses that work for them.

It’s usually subconscious but we make little agreements with ourselves that derail us from following the necessary steps to achieving our goals.
It might show up as something like…we plan to exercise in the morning, but when the alarm goes off we convince ourselves it’s too cold outside, I’m feeling too tired today, or I’ll do it later.

Believe it or not, it’s these little conversations in our heads that stop us from reaching our goals.

We end up with lives resembling our reasons and justifications and not our goals.

But don’t stress, there are ways to break through this behavior. 

One way is watching yourself, learning what excuses you give yourself that work on you, and catching yourself in that very moment of deception.

There are so many barriers that can limit us from achieving our goals, overcoming it all starts with understanding our self-manipulation tactics.

Practical Exercise:

Set a goal for yourself, then in a journal every time you don’t follow through, find the exact justification you made with yourself that convinced you to not fully go after your goals. 

Becoming aware of this is the very powerful first step in breaking free.

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