Paul M Vincent

Paul is not your average wellness expert. As a former world-class athlete, seasoned explorer, and academic pursuing a PhD in Psychedelic Therapy Studies he breaks the mold

Paul guides you beyond fads and quick fixes, unlocking your dormant potential for breakthrough transformation:

  • From expedition athlete to mindfulness coach: Pushing his limits physically and mentally taught him resilience and the power of the human spirit.
  • Living with indigenous tribes: These experiences shattered Pauls rigid perspective on the world, opening him up to the richness of diverse ways of knowing and the importance of looking beyond limitations.
  • Taoist ‘The way’ Buddhism and Stoicism: Dismantling these seemingly powerful limitations, only to find there was no real substance holding it all in place.  The walls he thought confined him, began to crumble away.
  • Master’s degree in Human Performance and ongoing studies for a Phd in trauma-based psychedelic therapy: This academic grounding provides a scientific lens to understand human behavior and potential for healing.




I'm thrilled to share that I've completed a manuscript exploring the intricacies of self-mastery. My passion for personal growth and forging a new direction for humanity culminated in writing this book that is a map to unlocking our full potential.  While the journey to finding its perfect home continues, I'm currently seeking representation, however I'm confident its message will soon resonate with readers and hopefully empower individuals on their unique paths to fulfillment.
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  • Fortune 500 CEO’s

  • NBA Players

  • Olympic Teams

  • Premier League Soccer Players

  • A-List Celebrities and Lead Actors from:

Star Wars, Black Panther, Mission Impossible, Kingsmen, First Man, Ray Donovan, Star Trek, James Bond, Jurassic Park, Spider Man, House of Cards, Prince of Persia, and many other Hollywood hits.


  • Eco Challenge

  • Primal Quest

  • Iron-Man Lanzarati (Canary Islands)

  • Various 24-48 hour adventure races

  • 4 Open Water Relay Crossings from Catalina to Santa Monica

  • Many Other Running Races, Triathlons and Obstacle Races


  • Indigenous Cultures in the Amazon Rainforest

  • Indigenous Tribes from South and Central America

  • Tribes in Northern and Central Africa

  • Bedouins from the Arabian Deserts

  • Tibetan Monks

  • Nomadic Southeast Asian Culture

  • Indigenous Cultures from the South Pacific


In “Unraveling Civilization,” Paul M Vincent delves deep into the emotional underpinnings of human civilization. He reveals how our genetic coding, honed over millennia of vulnerability, has shaped the world we inhabit today—a world dominated by consumerism, fear, and the cult of individualism. Beneath the surface of our conscious minds lies a silent binary code, dictating our biases, attachments, and aversions.  Vincent paints a compelling portrait of a species driven by primal emotions, unwittingly guided by invisible scripts towards an uncertain future.  The time has come to shed the limitations of cognitive prowess and embrace the emergent potential of genuine awareness.

What we perceive as reality is merely a fraction of the vastness that surrounds us. In “Beyond the Veil: Redefining Reality,” Paul M Vincent challenges conventional notions by delving into the limitations of our sensory perception. We spend our lives tethered to the tangible, yet much of our existence unfolds in the intangible realm of thought. Our brains, unable to discern between the real and the imagined, often flood us with emotions triggered by mere thoughts. Vincent prompts us to question the very fabric of reality, urging us to acknowledge the mysteries that lie beyond our senses and scientific logic.

Discover the profound intricacies of human connection in this enlightening talk. Unveil the fundamental role it plays in our biological makeup, navigating through the complexities of societal norms, personal desires, and primal instincts that influence our relationships. Paul intricately delineates between transient biological attraction and the enduring essence of authentic love, shedding light on how prioritizing the former may lead to emotional detachment. Gain invaluable insights into the transformative potential of genuine connection, empowering you to cultivate deeper bonds and embark on a journey of personal growth.

Unlock your full potential as the steward of your own hominid in this thought-provoking talk. While acknowledging the importance of physical care, we delve deeper into transcending the boundaries of our biology and ego to cultivate a truly fulfilling existence. Drawing from insights gained working with high performers, Paul inspires us to challenge our systems through intentional practices aimed at enhancing resilience and overall well-being. Explore the intricacies of circadian rhythms, homeostatic capacity, and the transformative power of strategic challenges such as cold exposure, fasting, and high-intensity exercise. Delve into the remarkable efficiency of our musculoskeletal system, unveiling the secrets of its operation through levers and pulleys. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery, where embracing strategic challenges unlocks your full potential and leads to a life of fulfillment.

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AHO was forged from a lifetime of overcoming adversities, self-growth, and empowering the most successful among us to achieve their goals while removing the pitfalls that typically hold us back. We empower you to shatter subconscious barriers and unlock your true freedom and potential. Through powerful, yet easy-to-follow programs, you’ll gain transformative tools and techniques to rewrite your narrative and design the life you truly desire. We help you ditch the baggage, embrace the possibilities, and embark on a thrilling journey of self-discovery – because we know beyond everyone’s perceived limits lies an extraordinary future waiting to be claimed.

Standing at a pivotal moment for humanity, we saw the need to create Rise Higher, a place where big transformations can occur. We believe true change begins within.  By healing ourselves, we unlock the capacity to live with more joy, freedom, and radiate that outwards to catalyze change within our communities. Our transformative retreats have become where the mysticism of ancient tribes meets the cutting edge of science. We blend powerful mindfulness practices with the latest human optimization techniques, creating a container for profound healing and growth. By letting go of our baggage and subconscious barriers, we unlock immense freedom and joy. We want people to join our vibrant community and discover that living from a place of love and wholeness is not just possible, it’s the catalyst for a brighter future for all.